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Unborn Baby Protocol

Published: Monday, 12th November 2018

The LSCB has recently revised its Unborn Baby Protocol.

The LSCB has recently revised its Unborn Baby Protocol.

Pregnancy and the first year of life is a critical life stage – in the first 18 months of life babies experience a period of incredibly rapid growth and development. An astonishing 700 connections are created in their brains every second as they constantly interpret and learn from the world that is created around them.

Research and experience indicate that very young babies are extremely vulnerable and that in the ante natal period, risk assessment, effective planning and supportive intervention will help to minimise harm to the unborn baby.

The purpose of this protocol is to provide all practitioners with guidance to assist with decision making when undertaking pre-birth assessments and when making a safeguarding referral to children’s social care.  

This protocol can also be accessed via the Procedures page on this website.